Data Visualisation Rationale

May 7, 2014 § Leave a comment

The data set I’ve collected and demonstrated is consistent of my personal movement over the space of one week. It factors my location, mode of transportation, travelling time, distance, and cost.

With this data, my objective is to create a mobile application that visualises these elements, letting the user monitor their own movement, through an informative and digestible visual medium. As well as displaying geographical data, I’ve incorporated psychogeographical aspects (emotions & behaviors of geography). I intend to devise this app around economic, environmental and social components, these allow for a broader audience, aquainting to all types of lifestyles: recreationally based, economically aware, occupational and professional, healthy, and general also.


My primary body of design is made up of four diagrams presenting the above-mentioned factors, displaying the whole week’s data. A map shows my movement over the week, presenting my trails of which show frequency of travel and by which means of transport, apparent via colour and opacity. These diagrams are all displayed on a poster, as well as displaying particular days and specific transportation.

The application of this is put into ‘Flux’, meaning continuous movement, a lifestyle-monitoring app, incorporating social media, stemming into the realm of psychogeography.

Frame working my data set this way seems to have been an effective route to take, I feel the representation of my data, and the given context of my work effectively communicates information, and relates to an audience.


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