Competition Brief Rationale – XL Recordings

May 7, 2014 § Leave a comment

I’ve chosen Tyler, the Creator, the event consisting of him performing at MTV’s VMAs, winning the accolade of Best New Artist, with the Moonman award.

The primary aim is to demonstrate the event of the artist in a way that portrays traits of the artist’s personality: free, fun, and quirky. I also want to follow a similar style to Tyler’s design work, which uses a rough collage style, cartoony illustrations, and bright colours; I will use a cartoony illustration style to represent this. I intend to incorporate multiple aspects of the artist, to add more personality to the design. I also intend to add typographical dimensions to the work, using one of his quotes or lyrics, which suit accordingly.

The poster I’ve created follows a quirky and whimsical design process, presenting playful illustrations, and text aligned in an offbeat fashion. The main element of the poster is a representation of the Moonman award, in the form of a donut; this is a stylistic approach to Tyler’s Odd Future logo; the XL logo uses this style also, and another of Tyler’s type styles. The moon man illustration also embodies an inverted cross, one of his signature icons. The quote I’ve added is taken from the lyrics of his song Yonkers, which I feel synergistically fits with the event at hand. The type used is a light hearted and fun, while being easily read.

I think I’ve effectively portrayed the event of the artist in question, all while interpreting the artist’s personality.

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 13.24.00


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