Taxonomy Rationale

May 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

Using my taxonomy collection of bottle caps, my paramount aim is to inform and enlighten people of the darker side of to the particular subject of consumerism and capitalism, and the consumer culture attached. The subject is to be communicated through the (predominantly) branded bottle caps, creating a branded mandala (a religious art form found in the Buddhist and Hindu faiths) in combination with a small body of text commenting on the subject matter. All of this is portrayed in an oxymoronic and satirical fashion, displaying an immense contrast, yet illustrating some comparisons also; between religion, cultural ways of life and thinking in different parts of the world (with focus on consumer culture in the West (mainly)), and thoughts on money and exploitation. With this I hope to give some deeper cultural insight to people, showing the shadowy nature of corporations, deriving from the western world, and their harm to the third and second worlds, making the cultural aspect relative to everyone on this Earth in some form.

My design outcomes are presented in a 13 poster (A1) series, including a title page, two pages of dialogue gaining context, and ten pages of mandala designs accompanied by text. A small magazine/book is also presented with this same content.

I feel the message I’m communicating is portrayed in a meaningful, multi-cultural, and clear manner, through a dark wittiness, and anti-advertising techniques, all lending to an effective design outcome.


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