Poster Typography & Stroke

May 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

For typography I experimented with a variety of type faces, including both serifs and san-serifs, and more quirky type sets; each with both lower & upper case lettering. I experimented also with the text alignment, justification and size.

The large bodies of text on the 2nd and 3rd pages I’ve used lower case type, as this allows for much more comfortable readability, making the whole thing easier on the eyes, since it’s quite a scale of text to digest. For the captioning I’ve chosen to stick with a fully capital case set, as I feel this emphasises the statements, messages and quotes and their meanings; also it retains a certain consistency that works rather well with the rest of the design. I used three vertical columns in a grid layout, stretching from the top to the bottom of the page, respectively, to accompany the masses of text on the first few pages. This design layout gave the most appealing visual structure, while still allowing for good legibility; there’s a nice flow of design this way. For the captioning, I used a single text box which mainly had central alignment of text, keeping the symmetrical balance aspect of the design process. The rest of the text was justified, presenting neat columns of text on the first pages, and where applicable in the captions. To make the text really ‘pop’ out, I chose to use white  as the type colour, any other colour seemed to retract from the design, I want the main focus to be on the designs, not the text.

I felt there could be a subtle addition to the design and text, this would become a faint white line, creating a sort of union between the two. I played around with other border styles and stroke properties, settling with the singular white line.


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