Brief Overview of Project

May 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

The idea to stem into the realm of psychedelic art began with my enjoyment of reflective art, as I feel the reflection process can turn the blandest of photos into a completely new and exciting piece of imagery. I decided upon this direction due to not having any real ideas for direction, so I simply delved into a design subject I enjoy. Upon researching reflective art processes, I reminded myself of an amazing childhood toy: the kaleidoscope! I researched this as a key term looking at a variety of works, which gained me inspiration. During this time I was also doing a lot of research on the Buddhist religion, which coincidently incorporates kaleidoscopic like art forms, known as ‘mandalas’. From this point I would predominantly research mandala art, both traditional and contemporary forms, learning of the origin and meaning behind them.

It was when I started experimenting with my own designs that I began thinking of the potential context, behind this combination of bottle caps and religious art – mandalas. I had the realisation I had two very opposite creations, one being created for consumption, indulgence, and for the reason of generating abundant amounts of money; the other being a symbolic representation of the Universe and everything good within, a religious art form that in fact actually retracts from concepts such as ‘money’ and feelings of greed (indulgence). It was with this that I thought the two things could be used as a way of expressing my views of the world, and that I would use this in the context of informing people of the reality of consumerism and capitalism.

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 20.43.09


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