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March 19, 2014 § Leave a comment

For the project management project, I’ve chosen to go with the gap year option, mainly since I wish to go on a gap year myself once I leave University. I spoke to Pete about travelling, getting information that would be relevant to the project, as well as information for programs available out there that I may be interested in.

South America is the continent I’m going to focus on for the project, as well as it being an option for my actual travels. Pete gave me a lowdown of the countries and the relative safety of each, with most of the countries being pretty stable with nothing* for me to worry about. He said that Peru is relatively safe, so long as I’m careful, Columbia however is quite a volatile country, where the potential of being kidnapped or forced to do something I don’t want to do is far more likely than others.

Some factors I need to consider:
– What if I lost all my money?
– How do I distribute my money in countries?
– Location of country: how remote is it, and will I be able to take out money for some time?
– Justify all of this
– Time of year and weather then
– Winter / summer / temperatures / wind / acceptable attire for conditions
– How many passports will I require?
– How do I carry these passports together? (since carrying multiple is often frowned upon for various reasons)
– Will I need to cycle my movement between countries to retrieve the other passport(s)?
– Profile each country
– What will I need/should have for each?
– flu jabs and medications etc.

Peter suggested looking at the FCO (Former Common Wealth Office (used to be BTOB)) website as this supplies information on:
– Industry
– People
– Cost of living
– Weather
amongst other research, all being very helpful to me.

I mentioned that I may possibly do some volunteer work while I’m out, Peter suggested doing some research into ‘Raylegh Expeditions’ (Operation Raylegh), this is aimed at allowing people from all backgrounds to challenge themselves, building, helping, cleaning islands, climbing,walking etc. all expedition-y style stuff, with lots of physical activity, as well as aiding communities. This sounds like a brilliant opportunity to undertake, which sounds right up my street! There’s also the possibility to obtain a Grant – depending on your financial background – but you must also show that you’re capable of raising money yourself.

If i want to do this, I need to apply early, by at least half a year, to ensure I gain a placement. The locations are situated all over the globe, so I can pick whatever suits my fancy, or I can adapt it into/through my gap year travels.


I also mentioned to Peter that I very much enjoy the outdoors, and it’d be nice to possibly get some work that some how utilises my design skill set and creative mind, while engaging with nature simultaneously. Some suggestions Peter came up with included:
– Camping websites (and other related)
– Writing and editorial based work which gets me outside, experiencing the outdoors in some way or form, then reporting back

Other possible design routes to consider include product design and possibly 3d. Product design, woodwork, and other craft based skills are of great interest of me also.


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