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March 17, 2014 § Leave a comment

In this afternoon’s session, we learnt how to use InDesign to create an interactive PDF.

Why do I need an interactive PDF? An interactive PDF is something I, or someone, can interact with, with buttons and stuff that take you to different pages, this shows more initiative and skill on my part when submitting work digitally.

Window > Workspace > [Interactive for PDF]

We want the buttons to always be the top layer, so we put all the buttons and interactive objects on their own [top] layer: Layers > Create New

Buttons and Forms (in right hand tab) > more options > samples > this has a bunch of preset buttons to use

The button menu shows the options you can do for it, such as next and previous pages. You can assign custom commands for objects.

Roll over > change colour = changes the button when hovered over, you can also change the properties of ‘clicked’ objects.

Export > Open with Adobe Acrobat, the file can mess up when viewing with the previewer.

Next, we need to place more than one item onto the page > Create button out of image(+text), selecting ‘Hidden Until Triggered’ tick box.

> Didn’t have enough time to finish, so we should have also inserted a movie and made buttons which work with the images.


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