Packaging / Inner Sleeve Development

March 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

Bold text on the inner sleeve looks too much, so I’m going to go with the caligraphy style type face, blends in much more nicely.

I feel that the word ‘beast’ my give negative connotations, which would fundamentally cut off some of the audience, so I’ll refrain from using this.

Taglines mentioning ‘inner’, refering to the individual and containing ‘myth’ doesn’t really work either, as this wouldn’t make sense when thinking about the definition of ‘myth’. For that reasons I’m just going to focus upon the word myth, and not associating it with anyone, after all, the focus is meant to be on the Kraken.

I’m going to follow through with the tagline ‘Release the Myth’, as this sounds more grasping than the others, also it’s a play on the quote ‘Release the Kraken!’.

Wanted to use a dark blue for the inner sleeve, to represent the depth of the waters that the Kraken swims in

The words flow better when on the same line, in comparison to having them on seperate lines, eaier on the viewers eyes



I particularly like the darkest Kraken sillouhette as I feel it holds the most mystery to it, a deeper enigma.

I like the idea of the user pulling up the sleeve to find tenteacles peeking through, then slowly opening it to find the Kraken waiting, finally viewing the tagline ‘Release the Myth’, which the user has technically then just done. This would create a hierarchy by default as the viewer has no choice but to track their eyes on the opening of the sleeve.

I think that the illustration would most apropriately sits at the bottom of the sleeve for another reason, that the Kraken, when resting, resides on the sea bed, the box hypothetically being that.

t. inner sleeve

t. inner sleeve2

I’ve decided I don’t like the lighter grey colour for the silhouette, there’s too much contrast, I also feel the same way with the full illustration which displays the creature’s features. For this reason I’m going to use the darker grey illustration.

t. inner sleeve3

t. inner sleeve4


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