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March 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

Where typography is concerned, my font palette will consist of bold fonts, predominantly sans-serif, and ornate, fancy calligraphic style fonts; following in the design format of The Kraken brand.

When researching male and female fragrances I found that the typographic trend was that aftershave fragrances were in most cases bold sans-serif fonts, with some serif fonts. If there is calligraphy style type involved, it’s often lower in the typographical hierarchy. The use of calligraphic style typography in female perfume fragrances however is much more common, as well as the use of serif fonts. This would probably be due to the more flamboyant characteristics they hold, which could be related to the female gender, being pretty, whereas sans-serif type shows straight, strong, smart characteristics. For this reason I favor the use of a bold sans-serif typeface for the brand name/heading, with possible usage of the more ornate type as additional text, lower in the hierarchy of type.

Another typographical aspect I need to consider are the elementary forms that are borders and ornamentation. The Kraken brand uses these ornate features through it’s design, on the bottle this is demonstrated in the brand name, which resides within a border. Other examples are seen throughout the website, specifically within the story book, where type is often assisted by curly brackets, corner ornamentation and borders. I will experiment with these for my packaging.



typography1(3) typography1(2)






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