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March 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

When looking at colour use in my packaging design, I wanted the re-brand to have an elegant, strong, and sleek look about it, the Kraken brand’s colour scheme being almost solely black and white, I wanted to adopt some of these brand values, but look at the possibility of colour also. I used a palette of colours that had a vintage and refined feel, colours that are easy on the eyes, that give a sense of the old times.
I played about with the background colour, which would run throughout the whole packaging design, as well as the logo colour.

I realised after working in black and white for a while, that simply using a solid black and white colour scheme lacked depth, especially combining both the logo and the background. For this reason I wanted to change the primary logo, away from plain black, but still maintaining the white border, as this emphasises the logo greatly.

In the end, for the logo, I settled for a slightly lighter shade of black, with the slightest hint of brown thrown in there, and for the background, a very similar tone, but with added black. The colour difference between the background and foreground is incredibly fragile, but noticeable, but I personally think they compliment one another greatly, while neither domineers the other. The lighter tinge of colour in the logo softly lifts it from the background, which was the desired effect I wanted.





colour_background finals colour options


colour finals


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