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March 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

I began creating my own borders in Illustrator, as I wanted to bring the ornate feel that the Kraken brand has across into the re-brand. I created a grid on a rectangle and square on Illustrator to work on, experimenting with border shapes. The initial creations were quite experimental, and I think they were a little too pointy, which made them look quite gothic, which wasn’t the desired design effect. The more rounder and robust borders looked far more appealing, using subtle indentations to gain the subtle ornate look.
I further experimented with the border designs by duplicating and overlaying them, changing the background colour orders, and altering the stroke qualities.
I began applying the type on to my favourite designs to see which worked best. The design I felt best works is the the second one down, on the left with the bolder font.
I feel I settled for the right one in the end, it has a subtle design style, but has the desired boldness I wished to achieve for the logo.

borders dev

borders dev2

borders dev3

border+type border+type2


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