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March 2, 2014 § Leave a comment

Smooth / rich / full / body / strong / sweet / dark / black / spice / black

Tentacles / eyes / ink / mysterious / existence / survival /ship / rope / barrel / ship wheel / compass

Other names for Kraken:
Legend / myth / monster / creature / beast / colossus / leviathan / behemoth / sea-mist (hafgufa in Icelandic – according to Old Icelandic Saga örvar-oddr)

// “Release the Kraken!” > from ‘Clash of the Titans’
// ‘Release the beast within’
// “Put a beast in your belly” > from poster

Oceanic words:
Haze / mist / storm / waves / deep sea / sub / submerse /

Myth / Mythic / Mythic Mist / Mythic Spice / Mythic Ink / Mythic Haze  / Sub-Mythic

To begin brainstorming names for the re-brand, I picked out a selection of words that were either relevant to the existing brand, oceanic and nautical references, as well as other names for the creature of the Kraken. After thinking about possible names and word combinations for the fragrance, I decided that I wanted to incorporate another reference to the colossal beast itself, this would seem the most appropriate route to take as the whole Kraken brand focuses heavily on the beast’s legend. I gathered a number of other names for the Kraken, and in my opinion, the best word for the brand name would incorporate the word ‘mythic’.
“Of or existing in myth”
“often mythic Of, relating to, or having the nature of a myth”
The word describes the Kraken perfectly, it’s mythic nature make it such a mystery, gaining part of it’s legendary status.
The four names I have to choose from are as follows:

  1. Myth
  2. Mythic
  3. Mythic Mist
  4. Mythic Ink

The mist in Mythic Mist relates again back to the Kraken, according to the old icelandic tale ‘örvar-oddr’ the Kraken was also known as hafgufa, translating to sea-mist. The word mist, like mythic, has a shroud of mystery around it, which can encapsulate the audience, adding another unique characteristic to the aftershave. Mythic Ink obviously relates to the ink that the Kraken releases, though this would seem appropriate, being a liquid coming from the monster, it may have the reverse marketing effect, because who wants to spray themselves with ink, really? so I’ll give that one a miss.


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