Packaging / Consumer Profile

February 24, 2014 § Leave a comment

After establishing which brand I was to recreate, the next logical step was to begin researching the brand’s target market to have a profile set up for the aftershave/perfume product. I obtained the grounding information for Kraken’s primary target audience as being generation Y (1977-1994), aging between 19-25 (with the secondary market being Gen X – 40-45); of a male and female orientation, within the lower to middle classification band. This audience is characterised further by being tech-savvy, extroverts, outgoing, leisure drinkers, and are ‘social butterflies’.
Kraken Rum is both gluten and lactose free, as well as being vegan, further branching out the audience, supplying for all tastes and eating preferences.

With Kraken’s successful design led advertising campaign, another niche audience is attained, this being the design lover, or ‘design geek’, this also allowed for a messaging platform. The website is packed with illustrations present throughout, as well as in the form of a book telling the legend of the Kraken and story of the brand, and a journal, animated gifs, movies, and it’s very own app. The online shop is full of beautifully designed products including apparel (including shirts / hoodies / jackets / underwear etc.), homeware (some being posters / wallpaper / lamps / bookstands / blankets), barware (glasses / bottle openers / recipe book / playing cards), accessories (such as bags / handkerchiefs / an umbrella) and gifts ( e.g. the Kraken gift set / moleskin notebook). With such vast shop content, Kraken rum show their design initiative, instead of forcing mere tshirts upon its audience, it offers material that their audience not only appreciate, but will go out of their way to buy the Kraken look. This supersedes all competition. Personally the first thing that caught my eye about the brand was it’s unique bottle design, again, setting itself apart from the competition.
The tech-savvy characteristic of it’s audience is taken in Kraken’s stride by having a very strong foot within social networking, having both a Twitter and Facebook page, a YouTube page, and a very powerful website (including what I’ve mentioned above).

With all this on the table, you can see that Kraken doesn’t simply focus it’s hopes on just the taste, but things that will set them apart, after all, with having only one option to choose from, they had to have some extra tricks up their sleeves.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 14.38.03




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