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February 24, 2014 § Leave a comment

Many companies claim to have a strong brand, but it’s usually just the combination of name recognition that comes with age, a specific color that they call their own, and perhaps a logo or other design element that they have clung to. With Kraken however, their brand is not just a collection of elements, but a whole style and persona that is both unique, and instantly recognizable. There’s a feel to Kraken that you just don’t get with many products, and while it’s polarizing, it’s also something that consumers can latch onto and really claim as their own.

With the Kraken backstory there was an aura created around the brand and its origins, they were able to move the conversation away from tastes and flavors, which liquors typically chain themselves to, and instead focused on the unique experience of Kraken rum, which does a much better job of incentivizing a trial. As a consumer, you can be easily turned off by a liquor that sells itself as a flavor that’s not your usual preference, but it’s hard not to try a brand that challenges you to tame a mythical beast.

“To launch the world’s first 94 proof black spiced rum, we developed an integrated campaign based on the sea-beast of myth and legend. We developed an “accurate” history and, quite possibly, real world from which The Kraken Rum, may indeed have come. We created “scientific” movies, a scientific journal and an interactive website to educate the public. – Charmaine Choi


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