XL Recordings // Seminar & Initial Research

February 19, 2014 § Leave a comment


Additional notes acquired from XL Recordings audio [brief]:

Where did the artists start? What’s their story, look at their career journey = core to understanding (a lot of) events

Approach this brief with an open mind, be as creative as possible
Loose brief > no specific outcome
Can be treated as a piece of art, don’t be restricted by the brief’s wording of ‘illustration’

Don’t work the brief into something that it’s not
It’s not a sleeve / poster / promo
Focus on the events themselves as well as the surrounding things around the events

Have a solid concept
Have a breadth of research of which ever artist/event(s) chosen – dig deep!
Work backwards > see why & how artists got where they are = supporting material to justify concept

Present multiple ideas, not a singular one (preferably)

The final outcome needs to work with both print and digital – consider the qualities of both mediums (rules / preferences / pros & cons > use to advantage)

Target audience > “Ignore them”, there is such a large scope, you can never please everyone, it’ll be subjective. all that matters is that I can justify my concept. If an audience has to be mentioned, it would simply be music lovers.

The design wants to be striking and eye catching, but potentially has a deeper meaning
Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
– Yellow Submarine

Lemon Jelly designs

Lemon Jelly / Nice Weather For DucksLemon Jelly / Spacewalk

These designs worked to attract the attention of the potential buyers/fans.

Minimal and graphic execution (while representing music)
Music is an emotive art, represent it in an honest and creative manner, while maintaining the effectiveness of the market place.

Motions – digital outlets: YouTube / GIFs / lyric videos
> possibly integrate some form of animated aspect, such as a subtle moving GIF (deriving from the main outcome), the jitters, possibly

Ideally this brief wants to visually communicate the event without any support text – if the visual can stand alone and the viewer can work out the event, then it’s effective and has answered the brief.
e.g. the title of a music video can sum up a music video.

History > Research Label

Initiated in 1989 – 25 years old

Independent British label, grown and transformed over its lifespan

Artists / Events
Implement history for deeper meaning 

Where did they start? > their journey = core to understanding (a lot of) events


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