Cinema 4D – Shapes & Splines

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When creating a shape, you can hover over the shape selection to view all shapes.
The object properties panel shows the immersions, here you can alter it’s size by dragging the arrows, as well as dragging the yellow dots on the shape. Right clicking the arrows will reset the shape to it’s default dimension.

Changing the way you view your shape: ‘Display’ > select an option > ‘with lines’ displays the polygons.

Fillet radius = rounds object
> Can give it softer edges

Phong tags (little orange circles) > smoothes out shading on flat objects at lower levels, default for rounder ones. Phong softens the polygons.

Spheres, even when not spherical render out perfectly, this because ‘render perfectly’ is selected, turn this off to view the polygons


Created with the pen tool selection, with a variety of options.
Tend to work in the X & Y axis rather than the perspective view, this avoids ‘breaking’ the spline, as it were.

Text can be inserted in, using installed fonts, you can alter the size, horizontal spacing etc.

Splines don’t render on their own, to change this you have to add an ‘Extrudener’ (3rd button along in shape menu (subdivision surface)), of which you have to add things to: drag object (spline) onto Extrude in top right object menu.
Can alter the shape: caps / hollow / fillet / indentation.
This is another method of creating shapes other than the primitive options available.

The ‘Sweep’ object (from the subdivision surface options) requires two spline: a construction spline (=sweep line that we created) and a section spline which actually forms the shape (adding a circle / rectangle / text etc.)


C4d – Objects & Shapes

  1. Left of viewport / Edit toolbar / Alter grid to Axis Workplane / Lock workplane
  2. Create an object / Cube / size / segments / fillet
  3. Viewport top / display / Gouraud shading with lines / to show ploys in viewport
  4. Create a Sphere / Radius / Segments / Types / render perfect
  5. Phong tag / Smoothing
  6. Explore other objects / Investigate attributes & settings
  7. Create A Spline / Circle / Types / Radius / Plane
  8. Create a rectangle / Size / Rounding / Plane
  9. Create a text object / Font / Height (size) / Spacing / Kerning / Plane
  10. Freehand Spline / Bezier / Top view / click – click drag etc /
  11. use move selection to manipulate points and beziers

Lines are not renderable on their own…

  1. Add an Extrude object from the Subdivision Surface button
  2. In the Object list / Drag the circle onto it (it is now a child of the Extrude)
  3. Adjust Movement (thickness) / Caps / Fillets / fillet types – try other splines
  4. Create a Sweep object (needs 2 splines) / drag bezier over it / then rectangle (above bezier)
  5. End scale / end rotation / banking / All animatable
  6. Intermediate points / all options / best solution for speed & quality…
  7. Change shapes in top of sweep nurds



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