February 14, 2014 § Leave a comment

These are the sketches I produced to get me started with diagram designs. The distance diagram is reminiscent of a radial map diagram, which would seem fitting for the context of my work; it’s a possibility.
I’m liking the idea of using a semi circle design to display time, and for the cost diagram, I’m sure I’ll end up using a triangular design.

With my diagrams, instead of making one giant one, I decided to go the route of using several easy to read and in depth ones, as these will be easier to interpret at a glance. Besides, the data I have is quite intensive, as each factor considered needs to collate the data for 4 different transport methods, over a specific time frame, so the diagrams are already relaying multiple data collections to the viewer, anymore information, and it may be considered an information overload!

Data vis1

Data vis 2




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