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Paul Kirps – Metro cd design

Paul Kirps created the cd cover and font design for the rock band Metro, with design influences from the metro maps in London Underground, playing on the band’s name.

as Inspiration for my own maps – not actually data visualisation, but I like the coloured lines, this can be a way I seperate my modes of transportation/different routes/days

metro - Paul Kirps

metro - Paul Kirps

Moscow Metro Map

Moscow Metro Map

Tom Hayes – Berlin Subway Map Redesign

Tom Hayes redesigned the Berlin rail system map which contains both over ground and underground lines. Central to the map a circular and direct shape is used, then branching all of the other lines through dissecting the centre of this circle. This allows for the map to be more iconic and memorable. The logo and iconic elements were also recreated.

Hayes’ has adapted Henry Beck’s original design, putting a twist on the geography of the map. With this work as inspiration I will create a map with similar elements. I have no geographical map to actually follow, this allows me to shape the map in any way I want.

Ola Krupa – Silesian Tram Lines Map

Paulina Urbańska – Silesian Tram Lines Map

Christoph Almasy – Megatrend Documentation

Megatrends are long-term change processes which have an enormous impact on transformations within a society. Therefore they cannot be considered as a temporary phenomenon. The megatrend documentation presents the eleven, most important megatrends of our time. A booklet for each megatrend contains information based on real data and is supplemented by 18, well-grounded infographics. The poster of the megatrend-map was designed in form of an underground plan in order to interlink various megatrends. This should reflect the complexity and variety of factors which act in the context of a megatrend. This documentation also subserves as a tool-box for companies in their strategic reorientation processes and offers the possibility to expand it with individual supplements using a matrix system. 

This design gives me options to consider when it comes to format:

  • Categorisation
  • Poster
  • Leaflet
  • Book
  • Digital

This work uses a map in the same way I wish to use it; to have information presented and showing it’s links.

Igor Petrov – St.Petersberg Metro Map

Lex Wilson – Cambridge University – Physical Site Map design


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