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February 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

spreadsheet is done

Context: active lifestyle

> I personally substitute travelling via motorised transport for healthier options, that are both good for you, and free. choosing these modes of transport however are based upon a range of factors, which my mapped visualisations will demonstrate

Since I still have no proper name, the project name can be based around ‘lifestyle activity’/’healthy lifestyle’

Shortened data set: data’s been cut down to four weeks rather than eight –  this would prove quite an extensive task to visualise 60 maps, 30 seems more doable.

experimenting with map visuals > simplicity, (basic) shape
relationship between form and content

experimenting with methods of displaying data – minimal text (for visualisations), want it to be easily digestable

using a fuel calculator to measure efficiency of motor travel

Minimalism: ‘less is more’ ideology


After speaking with my peers and Joe, I’ve gathered more of a context to my project. I’m visualising my own data set in various ways, pulling my data from a built in app, then basically prettying it all up, making it graphically interesting. My concept is an app that goes hand in hand with the ‘Moves’ app, whereby it visualises your movement data into a graphical format. Here you can compare your own movement with Friend’s

Interlink research with my ideas (where did I gain inspiration)


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