What Do I Want From My Data?

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hypotheses / theory / what do I want to discover? What’s my project, and what’s the reason for doing it?

  • Environmental
  • Sustainability (social)
  • Economic (efficiency)

Identify clear personal/professional aims and objectives
> I want to understan my movement in a statistical way, comparing my movement during summer time (with no duties) to term time (mid September) where I am at University and therefore have a specific routine that’s compulsary. – the economics/environmental/social aspects of it – cost/effieciency/practicality/flexibility

– What do I want to get out of my data?

– What can I show from my data set
> mapping of my movements
> compare & contrast other peoples movement with my own (statistically)
> most popular/favoured modes of transport   > Average distances/times moved every day (personally+others)

-What comparisons / contrasts / variables / patterns / outliers can I present?

– How (many) ways can I present my data set?
> on maps
> on a multitude of data vis. -graphs/charts etc.

Integrate reflections from previous brief (altered for current brief):

– What is your position on the context?
– How do you tell the story? A series of single images, how can a narrative be developed?
– Clearly present this, should be easy to understand data, not incredibly complex and difficult to make sense of.

– More contemporary or influential research is required to move your ideas on at an early stage
– Add personality to my design(s)
– Cultural insight?
– Don’t stray from the theory/hypotheses


Project Proposal – Data Visualisaion

Use this form to write, and submit, your proposal for this project. You are, in effect, writing your own detailed brief in response to the general project briefing. This process will prepare you for the final project of the year, which will be entirely self directed.It will be sent to your seminar tutor, so that the proposal can become the focus of discussions and feedback.

It is important that you identify and describe your data set in the Rationale (1).

Reflect on your formative assessment and feedback already received when you write your Aims (2) and Objectives (3) for this new project.

The submission deadline for this proposal is Wednesday 11th December at 15.00

Feedback will be given on your proposal in your normal studio seminars on Thursday 19th December

1 – Establish a Rationale (What is your project and the reason for doing it?) *
What is the theme/topic or body of knowledge? What is the need for this visual communication? Are you playing to your strengths both intellectually and practically? Is there potential for you to excel? Is there a defined context for this project, what is the thrust? Is the intention to inform, comment, promote, narrate etc? Do you understand, empathise, agree with or philosophise about the subject matter or theme? Do you have sufficient depth of understanding to determine a suitable level of enquiry and analysis? Is the intended work intellectually challenging or lightweight? Has a defined audience been identified? Is there an envisaged client or type of client?

– Topic: modes of transport.
– The need for this visual communication is to demonstrate the way the government should be funding transport in this country, to reduce environmental impact while improving flexibility.
– My challenge intellectually is to be able to display the data in a format that is easily understandable, and practically, as it’s information that I can and have obtained fairly easily and continuously.
– Yes.
– The thrust is looking upon reducing the impact of transport on the environment – environmental and economical factors
– I would like to show a narrative of my own movements, which are dictated by the availability of transport to my destinations, in confluence with flexibility, efficiency and cost.
– Yes I do agree with the subject matter.
– I believe I have a sufficient amount of data to an extent, but as I progress with this project it should improve.
– With the potential breadth of information that can be gathered this will prove to be intellectually challenging.
– All travelers.
– The client could be the government and transport bodies.

2 – Identify Aim/s (What is it that you intend to do?) *
Have you determined a final outcome and what its form will be e.g. a children’s book, advertising campaign, a series of editorial commentaries, a research project, a computer game, an animated children’s series etc. Does the project or final outcome have a title?
The way I currently see this heading, the brief is pushing towards a research project.
3 – Identify Objectives (How do you intend carrying out the work?) *
What intellectual skills do you need? How much research and analysis is required? How much reference gathering is envisaged? How much design work, conception of ideas or originality is needed in order for your project to succeed? What practical skills are required? How much visual material is to be completed e.g. visuals, storyboards, artefacts, artworks etc? Have you established your own timetable in order to carry out this project? Is it realistic? What do you intend to gain or learn by undertaking this project?

– Statistical analysis, data analyst.
– As much as I want really, but the greater the research the more detailed and refined the analysis.
– Depending on how I proceed, I may or may not need a fair amount.
– This question isn’t really answerable as of this moment in time, it will be as original as I make it.
– Practical would include the use of the Adobe Suite.
– Indeterminate as of now, it depends on how the project develops.
– I am in the process of planning a structure for this brief.
– Yes, it is realistic.
– Disciplining myself – keeping to a plan, structuring data accordingly, applying data accordingly in a visual manner. The conclusion of my findings. I will be learning throughout the project, I will probably need to learn new skills and abilities to complete this brief.


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