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Since my data set is consistent of personal movement, I would categorise this in the context of lifestyle activity, or as an active lifestyle, however, my data is more of an observation of activity/inactivity, rather than specifically about health, though this is an aspect that is to be considered. I personally substitute travelling via motorised transport for healthier options, that are both good for you, and free. choosing these modes of transport however are based upon a range of factors, which my mapped visualisations will demonstrate
I initially downloaded the ‘Moves’ app to monitor my lifestyle activity, and the patterns and trends I have; seeing how far I travel on various days, time spent doing so, and method of travelling. It was these factors that were my main consideration whilst recording data for this project. The chosen method of transport was something I liked looking into, looking upon the cost and efficiency of travel, and why I travel.

Theme: lifestyle activity

Who : me, though the audience would be focused on young adults aged between 18 and 24 (based on my survey results) who wish to observe their lifestyle activity,

What : monitoring of movement via different modes of transport

When : data from 24th August until 22nd October

Where : everywhere I have travelled

Why : to monitor my own lifestyle activity, observing economic, social and environmental factors. People can gain an understanding of why they travel the ways they do, and if they can change their habits to be more healthy.

How : using ‘Moves’ app, then transcribing the data collected onto a spreadsheet, creating visualisations with that.

People can gain an understanding into their own lifestyle activity, making them question ‘why?’

Things my data can show graphically:

– My movement (mapped)
– Efficiency of travel over distances
– General distances travelled on each mode of transport (each day’s routes in a straight line / graph?)
– Frequency of travel
– Specific days movement
– Cost of travel (calories/petrol/price over certain distance)

environmental (being environmentally friendly etc.), economic (cost, efficiency, distance, geographical reason) and social (health and wellbeing, fun, group activity
From survey :

I need to find out what graphical means I will use to present these factors, come up with ideas roughly sketch them, to gain some better concept.


Mapping Space (my space)

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