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1.  Where public transport should be funded by the government.

2. Mapping of my movements.

3. Presenting movements on acetate, day by day, laying them over one another so you can compare & contrast my movement on different days/weeks/months etc.

4. Present movement as an animation, using After Effects to create a narrative of my movements, spreading out like a disease or something.

5. Presenting the below points in various graphs and diagrams

6. Inflating/deflating the size of places/variables depending on their size (most frequented places=bigger on map & vice versa)

7. Create an app with the context of lifestyle in mind.

8. Using ticket information

What to look at:

  • Frequency of travel via each mode of transport
  • Time spent travelling/moving (& via each mode of transport)
  • Distance travelled (& via each mode of transport)
  • Cost of travel via each means
  • Efficiency of travel of each
  • Practicality of travel of each
  • Why I personally choose to travel the ways I do (links with above 3) // university // around home // free time // time of day //weather // company // exercise // fun // speed // work etc.
  • How I’d ideally like to travel
  • Time specific : before/after mid september (free/term time) // weekends // weekdays
  • Different time frames: monthly // weekly //daily // hourly // to the minute (^^averages of each?^^)
  • Compare & contrast my movement to the movement of others (gathered through survey + national stats)

Possible routes to take for data collection of my movement


Map animation sketch






Initial plan writings


data022 data021



Ticket information of my travels


Basic diagram sketches


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