Seminar with Warren + Talk with John

January 30, 2014 § Leave a comment

Since Margot is still ill, a new tutor, Warren, has come in, who used to work at the University.

At the beginning of the seminar he told us that we need to gain a maximum amount of time for design progression, this means we need to blitz through all the other bits that may hold you back, this being research and pinpointing what my work is actually going to show, I need to develop the idea’s concept so I can fully engage with my work and understand exactly where I’m going with it and what I intend to get from it. This means I need to think about the context of my work, finding a purpose for it, this also means locating an audience for it. Who will appreciate my data visualisation and why? There’s always someone something will appeal to, I just need to find that audience. I need to meet a need, pushing all the right buttons of the audience.

I need to have a solid concept complete, knowing exactly what will be presented: maps, statistic comparisons and contrasts in various graphical forms.
What format will my project be taking? book, animation, print, digital, physical? This will help me identify an audience also.
Warren also talked about the film that could be used as research, ‘Life in a Day’, a documentary film I’ve seen, shot by filmmakers from all over the world, serving as a time capsule to show future generations how it was like living on the 24th July 2010. The documentary shows many cultural differences, displaying the vast differences between different regions of the world.
Theme: lifestyle
With my data set I am basically showing my own life in a day, or rather two months! My data however shows specifically my movement, so I think the audience would be tailored more toward people with interest in tracking their own lifestyle activity. The audience would be focused

What to have for next week’s seminar:

  • A context and audience, know where I’m going
  • Further development of map visualisations – show experimentation
  • Methods of visualising my statistical data – sketches, mock ups

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