Peter Norris – The Client and You

January 29, 2014 § Leave a comment


Design > Ability related to the job
Health of relationship between you and the client

Commissioning manager
Reason for work > Market/Finance/Management
Corporate ethics

The longer the project the more likelihood that it will get cancelled, e.g 3 months.
Keep a strong record of cost and time spent, will get projects that get cancelled and you need to make sure they pay you for what you have done which is why it’s important to keep costings.

Place in Economy – Micro & Macro issues
Government attitude – Help or Hindrance? Regulations?
Financial strength of firm
True market standing
Intent of project – Link to other aspects?
Attitude/ethics of management & company

Capability of firm
Capability of designer(s)
Risk understanding
Project management abilities
Financial strength
Ethics and attitude
Other work

Design Phase – You/others?
Execution phase – Others? If so, who? How long? Their work load? Priorities?
Implementation Phase
This infers CONTRACTS

When talking to people who may want to take you on you have to show confidence in what you do so they have confidence in you.
Be yourself, dress yourself, be comfortable/smart and you’ll be relaxed and it’ll show in the interview.


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