After Effects – 12 Principles of Animation

January 27, 2014 § Leave a comment


In these two posts it will show my work from the 12 Principles of Animation which most of these came from a book called ‘The Illusion of Life’ from Disney. They were set out to show realism in any animation.

In this first video we look at timing and spacing. Timing being how long it takes for an action to happen and spacing being the distance between each key. We start by creating a standard composition at 24fps and 5 seconds long. To start we create a solid at 100×100. We select the layer and press P for position. We then drag the object out so that it creates a motion line between the two keys. If they two keys are closer together the quicker it will move and the further apart the slower it’ll be move – the more dots means the more frames. If you make it so that the object moves down then it looks like the object is heavy and lighter – depending on the amount of frames. If the dots are the same space throughout then it is linear movement.


Moving on we look at Easy Ease, Easy Ease In and Out. So for this video we have the same square shapes moving across in the same way. On the first object we are just going to keep it the same, or linear. On the second one we are going to use Slow In (Easy Ease Out) and then on the bottom shape we are going to use the standard Easy Ease which is Slow in and out. It doesn’t matter which one is which because they all finish at the same point at the same time, they just add a bit of weight to the animation.

For the final part of the tutorial we looked at making an object look as though it is bouncing and it has something to it. For this we change the scale of the objects so that it looks as though they’re a bouncing ball. For each of the three shapes we’re making a series of different animations so that you can really see the difference in effects. My example of this work can be seen at the bottom of the page.


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