Illustrator – Characterisation

January 20, 2014 § Leave a comment

Week 1

Place files into illustrator, not drop dragging them in.

Blue cros through means it’s links (need to remember to take those images with you with the file) , if it doens’t then they are embedded (saved into the document) like InDesign

We locked the image into place: Object > Lock selection (or cmd/ctrl + 2)

We’re going to break the image down into basic shapes, so we began with the face. The temptation is to begin tracing around the shoulder up to the shirt, round the hair, gaining only silhouette, this isn’t flexible, where as many smaller segments are. We want a sepertae item for her hair, face, shirt etc. so we can move and colour them at will.

Began tracing around the face, using a 0.25 stroke brush (allows for a more accurate trace)

If we get peaks, or angular areas in the path, we want to smooth them off, to do so: Object > Path > Simplify (tick ‘Show orginal’ and ‘Preview’), we want about 95%. This throws anchor points away and smooths it all off.

R:232 G:217 B:200 = Skin tone

Week 2

Created the eye, then created an eyelash, changing the stroke profile to number which is to make it pointed.

Used the scissors tool to snip the path of the colour of the eye. When the sissors have been used, it opens the path up, to close this simply use the pen tool to add new anchors.

Add stroke profiles to lines to add detail for features.

Cross hatch shading. created a new layer called ‘Shading’. Goig to create a repeated pattern of 45 degeree angle lines across her face, using a line segment. Make the line the thinnest (0.25) and a light grey colour, we then want to create a set of rules: Object > Transform > Transform Each > change the ‘Move Vertical’ to 2 px > Copy > ok > then simply use ‘cmd + D’ to ‘transform again’ making a bunch of lines. Created a shading patch on her face. then used clipping mask to make all the lines fit in that shape.

Week 3

Styling her hair





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