After Effects – Pin Puppet

January 20, 2014 § Leave a comment

Minimimalsit rig

In this video the work that Jay has set us to do with walking styles and creating a Pin Puppet. First of well we had to import the images and create a folder called run and then doing the same we created another folder called walk.

To start off we used the walk files and dragged them into the composition. We made the standard composition at 1 second long and 24fps. Selecting all of the files we made sure that they’re all 3 frames long. Then after that we dragged them one by one to make it look like stairs on the timeline. Scrolling through this the guy looks like he is walking. Then we did the same with the run cycle other than we made the composition 16 frames long and 2 frames for each image.

After this we created a new comp for the section part of the work, which the video below is for. For this we imported the file called – this imported as a composition. This folder included lots of layers of the body parts and these needs to be ordered in a certain order – all the right parts at the top and then all the left at the bottom. After this we link all the items other than the body. After this all the anchor points need to be in the right place, for example the arm anchor points need to be where the shoulder joints would be and the legs where the hip would be.


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