Project Proposal 2.0

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Ask why? for everything:

  • Fonts & Typography // Symbolism // Image // Colour // Shape

:: Present data & information in DIGESTIBLE CHUNKS ::

What’s the tone of voice to this project?
Who’s the audience? How can I make an audience for this personal data set?
Why would it be interesting to someone else?
How do I relate this to others? put in some kind of context.
Why do I move so much? hobbies: cycling / skateboarding. How I think students are lazy? How difficult it is getting to uni as a commuter. Peoples perceptions on what student life is like – different student lifestyles, me being a commuter.

What’s the spin that’s going to make this story interesting: about socialising / skating / cycling – how far do I travel and why? Going places specifically to skate / cycle (any in data?)
What angle  I’m going to take? – how do I look at this to give it some flare? give it some context! socialising / environmental / economical
What is it I’m finding?
What’s the story of my data – how can I
Start making little diagrams/sketches for my data

What format? could be physical: materials like glass/wood etchings / projection of animation (into a room of smoke, would be cool) / animation

Project Proposal – Data Visualisation

1 – Establish a Rationale (What is your project and the reason for doing it?) *
a) What is the theme/topic or body of knowledge? b) What is the need for this visual communication? c) Are you playing to your strengths both intellectually and practically? d) Is there potential for you to excel? e) Is there a defined context for this project, what is the thrust? f) Is the intention to inform, comment, promote, narrate etc? g) Do you understand, empathise, agree with or philosophise about the subject matter or theme? h) Do you have sufficient depth of understanding to determine a suitable level of enquiry and analysis? i) Is the intended work intellectually challenging or lightweight? j) Has a defined audience been identified? k) Is there an envisaged client or type of client?

The theme for this project is movement and transport, specifically my own movement and the modes of transportation used. I’ve gathered information and statistical data using a mobile app called ‘Moves’ which has been tracking my movements over the period of 2 months, gaining such data including distance travelled, time spent travelling, calories burnt doing so, and steps taken, via different methods (where applicable). As well as this, I’ve created an online survey asking questions about peoples movement, and the cost of doing so. I’m practically playing to my strengths as I’m utilising data that I’d already began collecting, as well as this being an area I was generally interested in. The context for this project is mainly looking upon my personal movements over different time frames. I would like to show a narrative of my own movements, which are dictated by the availability of transport to my destinations, in confluence with flexibility, efficiency and cost. I believe I have an extensive amount of data of which is quite flexible, allowing me to experiment in various ways, gaining a range of interesting results. I would consider the data I’ve collected to be intellectually lightweight due to the technological assistance, but it’s what I do with this data that will prove the challenge. The audience for this project is primarily myself, however from the results collected from my survey, it would appear I have an audience of both male & females, of whom are in the age band of 18 to 25 (predominantly).

2 – Identify Aim/s (What is it that you intend to do?) *
Have you determined a final outcome and what its form will be e.g. a children’s book, advertising campaign, a series of editorial commentaries, a research project, a computer game, an animated children’s series etc. Does the project or final outcome have a title?
There’s no definite outcome as of yet, but I’m looking at having 3 graphics to my project:
1) a layered map of my movement over the period of 2 months, possibly on acetate in book form, this would allow me to layer up different days/weeks/months
2) an animation displaying my movement, so my movement will be shown in a chronological narrative, with/without a map?
3) a number of graphs/charts/diagrams displaying the statistics of my movement, as well as the data collected through the survey I created.
I plan on looking at alternative ways of displaying data and information, using physical objects and non conventional methods of displaying data.
3 – Identify Objectives (How do you intend carrying out the work?) *
a) What intellectual skills do you need? b) How much research and analysis is required? c) How much reference gathering is envisaged? d) How much design work, conception of ideas or originality is needed in order for your project to succeed? e) What practical skills are required? f) How much visual material is to be completed e.g. visuals, storyboards, artefacts, artworks etc? g) Have you established your own timetable in order to carry out this project? h) Is it realistic? i) What do you intend to gain or learn by undertaking this project?

I require the skills of statistical analysis, data analyst and the ability to use methods of data connection to efficiently go through with this brief. As far as research and analysis is concerned, I can gather as much as I want really, but the greater the research the more detailed and refined the analysis. Depending on how I proceed, I may or may not produce an extensive range of graphic material, as of now it looks as though I’ll be using three different means of presenting my work. I plan on having a vast range of visual research of which will be put up on my blog as well as a PDF document for presenting, my own visual material should include an animation produced within After Effects, 60 (2 months) individual maps with routes of my movement illustrated, and a variety of diagrams to exemplify the data collected in an easily digestible manner. Practical skills that will be required would include the use of the Adobe Suite. I have created a list of objectives for this project, which I am applying to a timetable, making the brief more manageable for myself, I would consider it to be realistic. I  intend to gain a better ability of disciplining myself – keeping to a plan, structuring data accordingly, applying data accordingly in a visual manner. I also want to learn from the conclusion of my findings [What am I gaining from this????]. I will be learning throughout the project, I will probably need to learn new skills and abilities to complete this brief.


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