Data Visualisation / Infographic Tools

December 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

Here are some websites that will aid in visualising your data, and view others data. I’d use these to quickly mock up my data in a presentable fashion, possibly using them as a basis to explore more creative ways in which I can tackle the visuals.

I’ve mentioned this website in a previous post, developed by Nicholas Felton as a tool to allow people to keep track of their habits, routines, and anything you want really.

Many Eyes
Developed by IBM, this research tool allows you to: 1) browse others existing sets of data, and 2) use your own. This is a good tool to use for gathering information from the public databases, where you can find out about things such as population density and the popularity of internet browsers. You have access to a variety of design options with this tool, allowing for you to visualise your data in many ways, allowing for experimentation with your data set.

Google Public Data Explorer
Similarly to the IBM tool, here Google has created a public version of one of it’s research tools. You can explore many different types of data sets, this is very easy to navigate, and useful if you require secondary research to compare & contrast to your own data. As well as exploring other data sets, you are able to upload your own information, which you can optionally publicise.

This is an online chart builder, where you can illustrate your data as a range of various kinds of charts, graphs and diagrams, these include:

  • line graphs
  • bar charts
  • venn diagrams
  • scatter graphs
  • radar charts

This tool isn’t so much a data visualisation tool, more a fun way of displaying words, describing itself as a “toy”, it generates word clouds. However, this tool can/could come in handy if you were to display ideas in a more expressive manner, such as in a presentation
Another tool to create infographics and data visualisations, this is a great resource for displaying data in a more narrative form. allows for you to create more rounded data visualisations which are more user friendly. The website is currently in its beta stage, so to gain access you must get on the invite list, simply by visiting their website.

This website is to be used in conjunction with the moves-app, displaying the data that your phone collects onto graphs, charts and maps. This is another nice tool which quickly visualises my mass set of data, of which I can expand from.


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