Peter Norris – Project Management

December 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

Things to consider when working in industry and what clients have to take into consideration when working with you, this will be explained during the next few weeks we have this lecture.

Triangle: top: time, bottom: cost and quality.
Necessary to look at when working in a company, and even working, as a freelance designer, fundamental of any business and anyone involved in a business.

3 distinct elements:

Design phase;
Idea generation
Design concept(s) – depends on the type of project.
Design embodiment
Technical completion

Execution phase;

This covers all aspects related to the completion and production of the design.
Technical completion – production issues – print, 3D aspects, moving image, etc.

Implementation phase;

This covers all aspects related to the design production once it is out in the public domain.

When undertaking planning ALWAYS work backwards:
Understand when the deadline is, the delivery point, out in the public domain

Things needed to be considered:

What do you want?
-Examples of inspiration
-Colour scheme
-Exact dimensions
-Do you want to incorporate typography/ imagery, if so, specific font

-When do they want the final product?
-When do they start seeing ideas, drafts of processes

Offering extras?
-Do you want printing done? Paper/size?
-After care? Follow up?

What’s your company?
-What service do you offer?
-Target audience

Digital Format – Time?
Mac operatives
Client Meetings – need to sign off ideas probably twice, ideas then final concept


Time of year:


1 man hour = what one man can do in an hour (reasonably)
1 man day = 8 man hours
1 man week = 5 man days = 40 man hours
1 man month = 4 man weeks = 20 man days = 160 man hours


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