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December 9, 2013 § Leave a comment

the past two Monday’s sessions with Margot we have had different people come in explaining their times on their placement years. The first lot we had I must admit they didn’t seem passionate and happy with what they have achieved therefore this post is about the people we had today who were proud and excited to talk to us all about their placement years.

The first person we had worked for Alter edit. They spoke about enterprise and I particularly liked the animated business cards they created which attracted them a lot of custom. They had many advertised based projects but eventually branched out to branding and promotion. He spoke how it was inevitable to work in a team and to be dedicated and the need to be flexible in what you can do.

The second person worked for Fantastic Media who are a marketing agency. They worked with apps, mobiles and websites. He was a multimedia designer who specialised in email marketing, he got to understand a typical working week and how fast paced the business was. Again teamwork in an open studio was something that came up. They worked for brands like Vimto and Greenwoods and are in the process of making an email template which is shortening the span of the work load by around 20 hours.

The last person who spoke was my favourite. He spoke how without his gap year he wouldn’t have been able to find himself. He also started to do illustrative graphics which on screen looked appealing and something I would like to try myself. He also spoke about a build up how you have to start small and work your way up to bigger projects as he is currently working on promotion for the new James Bond movie in 2014.

Overall I found these interesting and they did help me to realise what I wanted to do especially next year. This has opened many opportunities for me to explore.


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