After Effects – Sound

December 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

Today we looked at the insertion of sound within After Effects.

I firstly imported the sound file into After Effects and then placed it into the composition, the sound will not play however. To make it play the sound you must press the ‘.’ key on an external keyboard, or you can press the ‘RAM preview’. By dropping down the options for the sound file you can adjust the audio levels and also see the audio wave form, this allows you to sybnc up sound with images and film. To creat markers along the timeline select the grey downward facing arrow on the far right of the timeline, then moving it to where you require it. This method however doesn’t stay in line with the sound file if you move it, there is another way to do this which will work: ‘Ctrl’ + ‘*’ will apply a marker to the sound file – ‘Shift’ + ‘*’ will add a marker to the timeline, where as ‘Ctrl’ + ‘*’ applies it to the layer. You can add comments to the markers by double pressing them. Next I created a new layer solid and needed to make the shaoe move to the beat of the music, firstly clicking ‘p’ for position and selecting the stopwatch, then moving the shape along the timeleine in accordance with the beat, holding shift to make everything snap. I then had to select the layer (whereby it selects all the keys), the right clicking an individual key and selecting ‘Keyframe Interpolation’ like last week, and choosing ‘Linear’ for the middle option.

There’s another way to work with sound whereby you automate. To do this, in the right side bar titled ‘Effects & Presets’ search for “bass”, and select ‘Bass & Treble’ (you can also right click clicking > ‘effect’ > ‘audio’ > ‘Bass & Treble’, then changing the bass to +100 and treble to -100, then right clicking the soudn file > ‘Keyframe Assistant’ > ‘Convert audio to keyframes’ – this creates a new layer that is a container for the keys that have been generated from the sound file with left, right, and both channel options. I named this layer ‘Bass’ by pressing enter on the layer, and then swapping the bass and treble values round so the treble is +100, then again selecting keyframe assistant and convert the audio, then naming this layer ‘Treble’. Next I created a new solid layer and made a shape, then creating a path with the pen tool, and dragging ‘stroke’ into the work space (by searching the term in the ‘Effects & Presets’. I alter the stroke option to the below settings [INSERT PICTURE], then pressing ‘End’ while holding the ‘alt’ key, this brings up a variety of new tools for the animation, the text is called an expression. To view the sliders for the bass and treble layers yo’d hit the ‘u’ key, showing anything with keys on. Next I add a ‘pick whip’ and drag it toward the ‘both channels’ of the bass layer

. = 11:35


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