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November 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

We have finished our weekly lectures with Tracy Lannon, which is a shame as I really enjoyed these, definitely my favourite lectures I’ve been to, they’ve taught me a vast amount and made me do further research into the subject of psychology and psychology and emotion within design. In place of Tracy will be Peter Norris of whom we had teaching us last year. I found his lectures last year very informative so I am looking forward to what we will be learning in the coming weeks.

UniLearn shtuff

is lecture looked at the way in which the structure of our Wednesdays will change. The new deadline for our Icon Books and Contextual Essay is Monday 20th January.

Changes to Wednesday:
Support for Icon Books Project,
moving theoretical to practical support. here will be full studio days that will focus on Icon Books development w/b 9th December.

Peter Norris will be delivering business components. (Weds 9:15 slot – starting today)
Dissertation preparation.

We then looked at examples of other peoples mind maps and their expressive map.


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