Coding / Session 7

November 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

Today’s session wasn’t to do with coding anything, but instead it was more of a run over of what we’ve learned. We have the choice as to whether we want to carry on with the coding workshops, but if we do we must know all the essentials that we’ve been learning about, a re-cap of all these things can be found in the two PDFs below. Spencer told us that to make our coding blog posts better we should consider drawing simple diagrams of what we intend the code to do.

Essentials_Sheet 1 // Essentials_Sheet 2

1. Void Setup = starting point

2. Variables = the idea that we can store information in a data structure (called a variable) like a box that we’ve given  name, here we can store data

5. Integer variables = whole numbers

floating points = fractional numbers

4. as well as being able to store things in these boxes , you can perform mathematical calculations on the variables (adding, subtracting, multiplying) allows for movement.

5. If there’s a variable in a box, you can ask questions to it, creating a response to the code (e.g. if something goes outside of the screen speed it up). These questions can be made to be quite complicate.

6. Arrays are like variables except it has a number of compartments, a multi story variable (or a filing cabinet) where you can store information, or batch process (do lots of things). Need some way of looping this structure, and counting everything, a foreloop allows us to manipulate a number of identical objects.

An ‘object’ is a much more complicated structure.

– perform my own experiments


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