After Effects / Keyframes & Pre-Comps

November 25, 2013 § Leave a comment

Keyframes Create a new solid > By pressing ‘p’ while a layer is selected it brings up the position option > created new keyframes and created a path for the shape to follow. The problem with this however is that the path does not keep the shape moving in a straight motion, it curves the corners, this is done by After Effects to smooth out the movement, this is called interpolation. By selecting on one of the keys you can see the handle for it appear, this allows for the movement of that independant key. By right clicking one of these keys and select ‘Keyframe interpolation’ you can change the path properties, by changing  the spacial interpolation to linear it allows for the path movement to remain in straight lines. The dots along the path indicate how many frames there are in each movement, but on the longer lines of movement there are less dots present, this is because the settings are set to have the keys evenly spaced on the timeline, so different line distances will alter the speed. We can see a visual representation of this by selecting the. To get the frames to run at a constant speed for the length of the motion: right click > select ‘Rove Across Time’. To make an object follow this track/path: right click the object > select ‘transform’ > ‘Object Orient’ > Orient along path. Alternatively you can individually animate each keyframe by rotating the object, and firstly ‘Ctrl/cmd’ clicking the keyframe, this will make the movement more clunky.


New Comp > New Solid layer > Scale (hit s key), the moving 2 frames into timeline at 100% – adding a keyframe -, then putting the timeframe to the beginning and minimising it to 0%, and adding another keyframe, resulting in an expanding object. To change the speed of the


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