Sketches / The Beginning

November 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

These sketches are the building blocks to my design process to my final designs, using these sheets to reference to during the designing stages, delving into shape and layout mainly, but looking also at colour, pattern, reduction, and other little details.
Artists that have inspired these sketches include Stuart Daly’s and Anai Groeg’s kaleidoscopic works, for shape ideas, Maria Papageorgiou’s mandalas created from objects for concept stuff, and Vitaliy Bugara’s Mandala “Chakras” for colour and shape.

Here I note about possible background colours, shape combinations, layering techniques, masked shape variations, size, pattern ideas, and possible layout stuff. Chris Dodd’s Nike shoe kaleidoscopes layout gave me the idea to maybe use a tagline, or slogan, or some body of text, such as maybe an anti drinking campaign or something.

I noted down how many of each colour there were, this way I could use certain colour combinations and orders for designs. I made notes on using designs that could be purely square/circle/triangular based, a combination of two or all of them.

Originally I was going to create just three final designs due to my thinking that they’d take a very long time to produce to a good standard, however, upon their creation I realised they didn’t take too long to assemble so long as I had an initial idea planned. Another reason for deciding this was that I had quite a lot of ideas planned to take forward.

Sketch 1

Sketch 2 Sketch 1a

Sketch 3 Sketch 3a




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