Formative Assessment Notes

November 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

Formative Assessment Guidance Notes

A timetable will be published via Unilearn on Thursday 7th November. It will also be posted in the studio.

Small assessment groups will be timetabled with studio tutors at times during the day. Check the time, location, tutor for your group and plan to arrive 5 minutes before your start time. Please be aware that assessments may be in progress. Please do not disturb other groups.

At the start of each group session, there will be a few minutes to prepare. Digital files can be copied onto the laptop/computer being used, materials layed on tables etc.

Each student will have 6 mins 40 secs (the timing of a 20 image Pecha Kucha) to present their work. This is quite a long time if you plan properly. Questions may (but not always) be asked after your presentation.

You will quickly, and quietly, gather your work at the end of the session.
All work will be retained by students and nothing can be left in the studio spaces.

A Pecha Kucha template (powerpoint) is available in Learning Resources for you to use, if you think it will help you to structure and time your presentation. It’s not essential to use this as physical artefacts are important.

Internet access should not be relied on as the only way to show your work.

Some notes on what to show –
A sample of your collection (showing all 30 things would take too long)
An overview of your design process/methodology (don’t spent too much time describing rejected ideas)
Your project outcomes (animation, book, posters etc)

Please remember that staff are under huge pressure to run the day on time, provide you with quality feedback, and make the expeience a positive one for you. We would appreciate your assistance in making this happen. If you are a couple of minutes late, join your group quietly, and do not distract anyone already presenting their work.

Feedback will be published to you on the return date (see original project brief document), which is the 28th November.


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