November 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

Instead of using the TIFF files, I dragged all of the JPEG images of the bottle caps into Photoshop, I use these because the TIFF images would make the file a considerably big size, resulting in long save and loading times, and it would ultimately slow me down. After doing this I select all of the images and rasterize the layers, this allows me to directly edit them. I used Adobe Illustrator to create a circle, square and triangle, I used this instead of Photoshop because any shapes created within it are pretty horrible and blurry in comparison with the sharp vector graphics of Illustrator, however the image is converted into a JPEG when brought into Photoshop but it still looks a lot better than Photoshop’s shapes, there isn’t a triangle shape tool in Photoshop so if I create one out of a polygon it isn’t straight.

With these shapes in Photoshop, I intended to cut out that shape from each bottle cap, so I can work with these to create some mandala designs, to do this I overlay the shape onto the bottle caps then pressing ‘CTRL’ on the shape layer to get it’s selection, clicking onto the bottle cap I want to cut out and then copy and paste it, deleting the layer so I’m left with the cut out. I adjust the shape accordingly to fit in as much of the design as possible without it showing any white from the background. I do this process with all three of the shapes, all in there own folders to keep the layers tidy.

After completing all of the shapes I thought I might want to have the shape possibilities a little more flexible, something I should have really considered before undertaking the cutting out of all the shapes, as I then copied the original bottle cap group again and laid the same shapes over (apart from the circle as you can rotate this already) but this time leaving the shape above the bottle cap, this way I can rotate the shape and cut out the selection I want; if I’d done this first I’d have saved a lot of time.

Now with the shapes cut out, I’m ready to begin creating my own mandalas, experimenting with size, opacity, layering, angles, spacing, and the complexity of the designs.





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