Summary of Thinking and Practice Workshops

November 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

Adobe Suite

Within these workshops with Stephen Calcutt we focused on ways of editing imagery in Photoshop, though I consider myself to have a fair knowledge of Photoshop and understand the topics that Steve talked about, I definitely gained some valuable information from them. The skill of colour correcting photography will definitely be a skill I apply more often to photographs, within my work and in general. I will follow up these colour correcting exercises with further tutorials online.

3D / Timeline

The workshops with Jason Payne introduced me to Adobe After Effects, a program I was very aware of previously, knowing generally what it was capable of, but had never actually utilised, I was enthusiastic to learn how to use this program. The basics of importing images and working the timeline were natural to me as I’ve used similar programs, one being Adobe Flash which has rather similar principles. New skills I acquired from these tutorials were the application of animated images and type, and understanding how animation sequences work within the program, pulling in aspects of Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator in a timeline movie based layout, I will definitely be utilise Adobe After Effects in the future, possibly presenting works with it. Jaye gave us the option to look at the program Cinema 4D, a 3D modelling, rendering and animation application, however, I decided to further explore After Effects as I see this as a more practical program for my skills right now, I do want to explore the program though and will do so in time.

Type, Drawing and Motion

These workshop sessions were run by Margot Swift and Rob Lycett, of which I thoroughly enjoyed. They incorporated physical aspects of art and design such as drawing, a very weak point of mine which I wish to enhance, hand drawn typography and skills to develop this, as well as looking at colour and trend which was informative, now understanding colour better, the colour session went hand in hand with Tracy Lannon’s lecture upon colour and how it’s used across the globe, giving more insight into it’s application.


The coding workshops run by Spencer Roberts have been enlightening and fun to do, coding is a skill I’ve wished to attain but never got round to looking into it, I view these sessions as an initial step into the world of code and coded design. Ever since we were lectured by Rob Lycett on the application of code in the design world in our first year of the course, I have been intrigued by the possibilities of this skill, and now I have produced several of my own pieces of code I want to further explore the subject in my own time, wanting to learn how to code websites, web applications and phone applications alike. I’ve actually wanted to learn more about coding since we were introduced to it, so I loaned out the book Processing: Creative Coding and Computational Art, however, with all the workshops and lectures comes  additional blog posts, which is time consuming, on top of the studio brief, and the 3 hours of commuting I do every day I’m University I don’t really have much time to develop these further skills of coding, After Effects, 4D Cinema, Photoshop and my own personal projects, which I regret.


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