After Effects / Text – Absent

November 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

I was absent for this Monday session, however from talking to friends I know what I missed, this being the use of text in After Effects. I know how to create text using the appropriate tool, being able to adjust the type options such as leading, stroke, colour, point size etc. in the character window. In this same window I am able to animate the text, I can do this by creating a keyframe at the start of the timeline and a keyframe further along where I’d change the text,  I can create a path for the text also, doing so by creating a path mask on the layer, using the margins to move the text along the path move it in other ways. You can also alter the animation between every character, word and line that takes the shape of the path.

You can further explore the animation options for text by selecting ‘position’, this will present the ‘Range selector’ in the composition window, this moves though the text selection, character by character or word by word, moving the required distance. Amongst this option, there are a lot of other transformative options to experiment with.

For more advanced looking animation options, you can easily access and view the animation presets: in the ‘Effects & Presets’ menu on the right, click the drop down menu > ‘Browse Presets…’ > this opens up Adobe Bridge where you can see the range of presets > to add them you right click the preset and select ‘Place In AfterEffects’, or you can drag and drop the animation from the menu in AfterEffects.



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