William Morris Experimentation

November 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

English textile designer, writer and artist William Morris is one of the most influential artists to come out of the Arts and Crafts Movement, creating and debatably the 19th century. Morris was also an environmental campaigner, writer, poet, and political theorist, as well as being an incredible designer. In 1861 Morris established Morris & Co which bloomed into a popular decorating firm, most famous for the wallpapers and textiles that were produced.

From stumbling across some of William Morris’s work, of which we have many of at home, I realised Morris’s use of symmetrical design, mirroring sections of the design which gains a beautiful balance and weight in the art. Further looking at his work I see how his work focuses around the themes of nature, with a colourful array of fauna and flora intertwining and flowing in his designs. I’m displaying William Morris’s work on my blog as his vibrant symmetrical designs are quite inspirational when thinking about the creation of my bottle cap mandalas, some of his works almost look like they could be mandalas themselves, I’m actually going to create a few quick mandalas from his work for further inspiration. I altered the below images to create my own.









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