Drawing week 2 / Rhythm in Drawing

October 28, 2013 § Leave a comment

In this type treatment workshop we looked upon the use of rhythmic drawing. We used pens, pencils (I’d like to try different mediums also), to repeatedly draw the same typographic form 50 times to create the final letter, doing so on A3 sheets of paper in a portrait orientation, this allowed for the full shape of the letters to be explored. As well as scribing out letter forms, we also examined more abstract forms, where by we could create anything, delving into the structure of combined lines, shapes and curves, continuing with the same rhythmic flow 50 times with a piece of graphite, this time on a piece of A2 paper, and on a vertical surface; a wall or window. The idea of this rhythmic drawing was to show how shapes and forms can be altered by simply repeating the process, and instead of using the action of the wrist you use the whole arm, the shoulder being the moving joint. The results were interesting and fun:

IMG_3620 IMG_3619


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