Video Tutorials / Layers In Illustrator

October 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

In today’s session we were told to work our way through the videos on UniLearn, this one demonstrates how Layers work in Illustrator, which is pretty similar to Photoshop. I know to a decent extent how Illustrator works, so I won’t be reiterating what Jaye talks about in the video, Jaye had told us also that we don’t need to be writing everything down from the videos, only what is relevant to ourselves, any new knowledge and findings can be noted, so that’s what I’ll do from now on, as I’m pretty bad for writing a lot when I already know it.

Stuff to note from the video:

– Changed the profile to basic RGB and set the dimensions to 960 by 560 pixels, this is half HD (widescreen format)

– Illustrator has layers just like Photoshop

– Click on on the layer I want to apply a blend to, so like in Photoshop layers, click ‘multiply’

– Changing the blend mode to multiply to merge the images and layers, as in Photoshop

This is the image I decided to colour in:



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