Drawing / Crosshatch Typography

October 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

This is first of three drawing workshops, today we looked at mimicking type, next week we’ll study the drawing type, and the third week we’ll be looking at 3D type and the use of materials that allow light through. Rob introduced us to the use of cross hatch sketching,

Here are a list of PDFs for typographic information and guides:
a technique used for describing and exploring type form and type faces easily, hatching allows for you to find out where the edges of a letter should be. This technique allows for quick translation of typographic ideas, getting an idea for how the balance should be of type, and allows for variation, which is another great thing about it – you don’t have to worry about getting It wrong because it’s often part of the process, repeating the same characters until they’re how you want them.
Factors to experiment with include:
– weight
– thickness of hatching
– relationships
– size
– consistency
– outlining
– serifs & san serifs
– elements of letter form
– stems
You can then refine characters by going over them with more hatching and lines, let the hatching process reveal the form, don’t rush it.Here’s the sheet I produced during the session, I think I rushed mine though, also I’m not the greatest of drawers, the forms I do like within this sheet though are the curly Fs, the £ and l.

4.Hatch letters


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