Experimentation / Design Factors

October 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

Here are some more experimental designs I created using factors of layering, opacity, blend modes, angles, colour, shape and recursion. here you can see my initial mandala designs, in a rough stage, to see what some of the outcomes could possibly look like.

To gain the shapes to form the basis of my design process, I firstly played around with the cutting up of the bottle caps themselves, to attain a library of shapes to use from them. These included the basic shapes that are the circle, square and triangle, but then also trying different things such as using the whole bottle cap shape, just the outer cap ridges, and just the design aspects of the cap, amongst other shapes. I moved away from using the entire bottle caps shape for my design process, as I soon realised this would be a very lengthy procedure to separate them from their background. I couldn’t simply use the magic wand tool or colour separation, as this would also retract from the actual bottle cap itself, so I’d predominantly have to separate them manually, all 30… I did however try different methods to do this, such as scanning the caps against a black background, but I was still having the same problem, thus moving away from this shape, and looking at the more basic means instead.

For the sake ease of design, and design fluency, I’m going to stick to using just the basic shapes that are the circle, square, and triangle, rather than over complicating matters with other forms.


cap shapes cap shapes2

This screenshot shows one of the bottle caps (with the rest underneath) in it’s different forms, of which will form the body of the design work. The shapes are now ready to copy and paste in to place, transforming where necessary; I also created a second row of shapes whereby I could remove sections by a mask.

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 15.33.24


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