Leonardo Ulian / Technological Mandala

October 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

Leonardo Ulian creates mandalas using an array of computer components, microchips and circuitry, and soldering them together to form these precisely symmetrical works, which simply look magnificent. Leonardo Ulian says:

“With the Technological Mandala series I combined the suggestive and spiritual meaning of the Indian Mandalas with something that has been perceived as far from that sphere of influence, technology. The search of perfection as necessity within the electronics industry has stimulated my curiosity to produce this series of pieces in order to evocate that specific need. I wanted to show what has been hidden from the eyes of the consumer, representing electronic circuits as extraordinary objects where the perfection of the design can becomes almost something ethereal. The shapes and colors of the single components intrigued me for pure aesthetic reasons with the consequent loss of the actual functionality of the component itself. My circuits/ Mandalas do not activate lights or do other complicated function, but they simply function as stimulus to produce simple questions like: what will happen if a real electric current flows through the Circuit/Mandala?”

I feel this quote will help me to apply more context to my use of the mandala in conjunction with bottle caps.

Leonardo Ulian’s mandala works have further influenced me to continue with this path, I’m excited to begin experimenting with forming my own unique mandala style works.

electronic mandala


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