Leif Podhajsky

October 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

Lief Podhajsky is one of my favourite graphic designers, deriving from Australia, he’s most notable for his album art, creating works for artists of the like of Foals, Bonobo, Gypsy & The Cat, Miami Horrors, Mount Kimbie and Youth Lagoon, all of these Artists album covers pulled me in instantly, and subsequently I also love all of these musical artists, so thank you Leif Podhajsky, for your beautiful work, and for introducing me to some of the said artists. It’s Nice That described his work as “striking abstractions of nature – mirrored vistas, engulfing waves, rippling, melting cosmic landscapes”, and Dazed Digital: “Connecting visual streams between the forces of nature, psychedelia and altered realities.” these things, and his use of techniques such as  , recursion, balance, and repetition, symmetry and pattern, are what make his work so amazing to me. It was Podhajsky’s work that inspired me to look further into the use of photo manipulation and the techniques mentioned

His works which display recursion and repetition reminded me of the ‘Powers of 10’, it’s the white squares that make me make the connection, and the obvious zooming.

Lief Podhajsky’s work has greatly influenced me to further explore photo manipulation, research into the techniques he uses, I think this is the beginning of something for me, and not just for this project, art and photography in general!

Another reason why I respect and admire Podhajsky is because his personal philosophy on working with musical artists is “I try and work with artists who I respect – whose music I would want to listen to. A lot of albums that have my work on them are on solid rotation. Ideally I like to spend a lot of time with the music working out a story and concept which I can capture the whole albums feel and flow.”, music is another one of my passions and this statement gains him copious amounts of appreciation from me.


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