Jim Golden / OCD

October 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

I stumbled across Jim Golden’s work when I was searching for OCD art and design, strangely enough I had him in my notes from the Seminar with Joe Gilmore, but I didn’t catch his name, I wrote it down as ‘Goldam/Goldman’, and after searching for these names and similar ones, I gave up, and then I accidentally found him!

Golden doesn’t own these collections himself, but instead seeks out, or in some cases the collections and their owners will seek him out. Jim’s been photographing for brands like Nike, ESPN, and Yahoo for over 15 years, but he began photographing these vast collections when a friend with a staggering 5000 pairs of scissors approached him, and asked for the same treatment to be done for his scissors, he had the idea to photograph them all from above, and has been using this same technique for all his other collection works. I love how organised and tidy the collections look, the composition of these objects give an order to it all, a contained order.



Due to the enormity of this image, you’ll have to click on it to view it’s vastness.


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