Chris Jordan

October 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

Chris Jordan creates impacting works, visually demonstrating what the human race is doing to this planet and it’s inhabitants by creating large scale works depicting mass consumption and waste, focusing mainly on waste. Chris Jordan’s work brings people back down to reality, making them realise what’s happening to our only planet, using everyday commonalities such as a plastic spoon, a tin can, or a light bulb,  and displays American consumerism’s impact on the environment. Chris Jordan’s work is a great example of using collections of stuff to send a message across to the world, by putting things into context, visually, sometimes it takes having to see 400,000 plastic bottle caps to understand that it’s equal to the average number of plastic bottles consumed in the United States every minute, as numbers don’t always stay in peoples heads.

I find it amazing how detailed the images, and think it’s great how he projects the message across to people.

The below image is called ‘Three Second Meditation’ – it depicts 9,960 mail order catalogs, equal to the average number of pieces of junk mail that are printed, shipped, delivered, and disposed of in the US every three seconds. The second shows the below image zoomed in.

chris jordan#

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