Seminar 1&2

October 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

After Thursday’s studio session and seminar I have a variety of paths I can explore, most of which I actually posted in the post ‘Bottle caps – what’s the next step?‘, as I discussed with Joe Gilmore (of whom we did the seminar with, that’s the reason this post will be much sparser) earlier in the day, adding to my mind map which I restructured in the ‘what’s the next step?’ post. Additional information and ideas I gathered from this seminar is as follows:

– Look at Daniel Eatok’s work, the man who designed the Big Brother eye logo, as he collects objects and gives them meaning, something I’m yet to do.

– I must keep reading the brief!

– Look at Richard Long’s work

– One of the other students mentioned he thinks he may have a mild case of OCD of some sorts, something I actually sometimes consider I might have, this made me think about looking into OCD design, or designers and artists with OCD, which I think would link nicely with this brief.

– “It remains characteristic of the collection that sooner or later a radical change will occur capable of wrenching it out of its regressive system and orientating it towards a project or task (whether status-related, cultural and commercial is of no consequence, just so long as an object eventually brings one human being face to face with another – at which point the object has become a message.” – Jean Baudrillard, 1968, p113

From the above quote, I know I need to research and think about what I want my design solution for my bottle caps to be.

I’m going to focus on research at this moment in time, so I can decide on my path and practice for the brief, so I can come to a decision about the kind of work I’ll end up with at the end, and be able to justify it.


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